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Unpacking the National Health Insurance Program


Mark Ingham's Fundamental analysis

National Health Insurance Program

"Pie in the Sky"

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At the end of June, the 20-year-in-making White Paper outlining South Africa’s universal health ambition was published for public comment. Leading independent investment analyst Mark Ingham studied the 80 pages and was appalled at what he found. It is contradictory, punctuated by sweeping generalisations and is working on stats that are seven years out of date. The paper also takes no account of critical practical issues like funding and access (poverty-riven Africa is on SA’s doorstep, remember). The share prices of SA-listed private hospitals companies have been depressed by the NHI idea. So has their decline been overdone? And is NHI affordable for a country like South Africa – or will it be another disastrous experiment in social engineering where everyone loses? Mark provides the answers in this in-depth interview. – Alec Hogg

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My interview on National Health Insurance Policy white paper with Alec Hogg, published on Biznews this morning.

Given the wide ranging complexity of this one can only touch on the highlights of the subject but I think we have addressed sufficiently in the half-hour we have.

There are implications that have not been adequately aired and there are consequences for listed healthcare stocks if NHI goes through as proposed. Whilst the chances of this reaching the stage of an Act of Parliament seem slim, recent pronouncements from this government, of which the Mining Charter is but one, mean that all forms of lunacy now seem possible rather than farfetched.


M N Ingham



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