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Money never sleeps! We've extended our trading hours...

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You wanted more time to trade, so we made the trading day longer. Well we didn’t really make the trading day longer, we just extended our platforms trading hours.

Just a quick overview of world market trading hours in South African Standard Time SAST we can see that our geographical location is very favourable for trading. We have overlapping markets throughout our trading day.

Major markets London, Germany opening at 10:00 SAST (08:00 GMT) and both closing at 18:30 SAST (16:30 GMT) with New York opening 16:30 SAST (14:30 GMT) and closing 23:00 SAST (21:00 GMT). Take note that the SAST times will move back an hour as of next year March with the changeover of daylight savings time. 

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Source – Investing.com

You surely have noticed that our MT5 platform quotes times in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and not South African Standard Time SAST this is mainly due to our pricing provider’s geographical location. The pricing we receive from the provider is quoted in GMT and that price feed is pushed into the MT5 platform.

The following instruments trading times were extended on our MT5 platform:

  • All Commodities
  • All Cryptocurrencies
  • All Currencies (excluding the below)
  • All Indices (excluding the below)

The following instruments trading times will remain unchanged:

  • JSE equity CFDs, ALSI Futures, Hang Seng, DAX 30, USD/RUB, and EUR/RUB.

Take note that Currencies & Cryptocurrencies will be closed for trading between:

  • 20:55-21:10 GMT, and 23:45-00:05 GMT.

Indices & Commodities will be closed for trading on the platform between:

  • 20:55-22:05 GMT, and 23:45-00:05 GMT