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MetaTrader5 Compatibility changes


One of the main drivers of these changes were that most of our clients use “Signals” that are widely available through our MT5 trading platform. Also, widely available through MQL5, the Metatreder5 online community where you will find a lot of content from signals, calendars, coding, forums etc.

With MetaTrader being the global go to platform for Forex traders you can expect there to be a lot of broker and traders releasing signals and content through the platform.

Compatibility with MetaTrader5 Forex Signals

We quote our FX pairs using the “/” for example EUR/USD so our clients can see a clear distinction between the base currency “EUR” in this case and the “USD” as the Quote or counter currency. Some international brokers on the MT platform do not use the “/” to differentiate between the pairs so naturally if those brokers have signals, they won’t be compatible with our pair quoting on MT5.

You spoke we listened - You wanted access to more Signals from other International Brokers, so we remove the “/” in our FX pairs to make this happen.