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How to download the new MetaTrader 5 Platform


"South Africa's top online stockbroker GT247.com has replaced its ageing legacy trading platforms with MetaTrader 5. The company's top management believe that MetaTrader 5 will enable them to remain in the sophisticated trading space, whilst offering their existing clients and new traders a world class functionality-rich trading platform." - MetaQuotes

On the first of 1st November 2017, GT247.com opened their new MT5 platform to the public in a BETA testing phase while migrating existing clients from the old platform to the new.

The migration process is still underway so if you haven't been migrated yet, dont panic! 

However, if you are an existing client and want to start using the new platform in the meanwhile or a new client that wants to start trading within minutes, you can do so by following the instructions in our short tutorial video contained in this article made by our very own MT5 Specialist, Haana Lupiya. 

This short video put together by our Haana Lupiya  will explain how you can open an account and download the new platform within 2 minutes.



To watch more short videos about our new MT5 platform you can click on the button below:


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