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More than 65 currency pairs to trade



More than 65 currency pairs to trade

 - by Trade Specialist Dean Bakos

Dean joined GT247.com in 2017 after completing his Bachelor of Accounting with an Honors in Investment Management at UJ.

Every time you go online, be it Google browsing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc you will find in some way or another an advert asking you to open an account and start trading now!

This brings about one of four reactions. “I’m not falling for this scam!”, “I would love to take advantage of this but I am too scared to try because I can lose all my money” , “I am happy with my current broker, I don’t know these guys” or “This sounds good, sign me up!”. We at GT247.com are here to tell you that all these reactions are in fact a reality.

Here at GT247.com there are no scams, we have been around for 16 years and are part of the Purple Group LTD which is listed on the JSE.

We understand that some people are tentative about trading forex for fear of losing money. One must realise that you might have to incur some losses during your trading journey and such as life, setbacks are part of the learning process and will form as a base from which you build your success. At GT247.com we are always available to have a chat should you feel you need assistance with a specific trade. We have an experienced team of traders on the desk and we are open to anyone no matter what your background. New and experienced traders can be assured that they can call in at any time and bounce ideas off us and clarify any issues that they might have. It’s all part of our great service that we offer.  

GT247.com now offers 65 currency pairs, from traditional to exotic. Traditional being the most commonly traded instruments such as EUR/USD, GBP/EUR and exotics being those that aren’t traded as frequently such as AUS/NZD, CAD/CHF. We have it all! No monthly fees, no joining fees. The only fee GT247.com charge is a small brokerage that is built into the bid/offer price. You also get a demo account when you sign up allowing you to practice, so that when you put your money in, you have some confidence in your trading ability, plus you have myself and the GT247.com team at the desk to lean on!

So now that you know us and we have explained that we are serious about trading and serious about helping you earn profits, hopefully you skip past the three reactions and go straight to the final one. “This sounds good, sign me up!”.


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Dean Bakos | Trading Specialist at GT247.com


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